5 Reasons We Love Modern Farmhouses

A Rustic Reinvention of All Things Clean & Simple

I think it's safe for Mike and I to say that the Modern Farmhouse is easily our favorite building trend.  Over the last couple of years, we have enthusiastically worked to introduce more of this architectural design into the Northeast Florida mainstream.  It is a style that is a fresh, unconventional take on the the traditional country farmhouse.   Relaxed and unpretentious, yet still tailored and timeless. Here are five elements of the Modern Farmhouse style that we find to be most intriguing and why we gravitate toward this design in most of our custom home projects:

1. Oversized Rooms & Windows

In Modern Farmhouses you will typically find large, open rooms and oversized windows that provide for an abundance of natural light and allow the living spaces to "breathe." Our floorplans are well-known for our use of the open-concept kitchen-dining-living room design that has become increasingly more popular over the last decade.  Rustic barn doors are often used to create separation between rooms and recessing or accordion window walls allow for amazing views and seamless indoor and outdoor living.  

2. Planked Walls

If you are a fan of HGTV's Fixer Upper, then you are well aware of the ever-popular shiplap trend.  White wood paneling adds texture to walls and provides the perfect backdrop for artwork, fabric and furnishings to take the lead.

3. Natural Materials

Modern farmhouses tend to have a mixture of natural elements.  Most obvious of these is wood, as most often seen in hardwood flooring, exposed beamed ceilings, as well as countertops and open-shelving.  The range of available hardwood selections are ever-expanding, from bleached driftwood to sleek ebony, all of which can direct a home's design from a coastal to industrial atmosphere.

Other natural materials often found in Modern Farmhouses are natural stones such as marble, quartzite and granite, which are likely to be used for countertops, backsplashes, bathroom floors and showers, and fireplaces.

4. Spacious Kitchens

Shaker-style, wood cabinetry and open shelving dominate the Modern Farmhouse kitchen.  A center island is a classic element and is also often a platform for introducing a custom furniture look or an accent color to the kitchen. Sleek or industrial metal hardware and barn style lighting accentuate the rustic design.

5. Expansive Porches

As more and more of today's living takes place outside, ample, functional porches have become an essential element of Modern Farmhouse living.  It can enhance the homeowner's connection with the outdoors whether its savoring those summer nights al fresco dining or cozying up around the outdoor fireplace.